Lighting for E Hookah Pens

We have known about electronic cigarettes and e hookah pens for a long time. From what we could remember, they have always had lights on them (right?). Well, we think so. However, you might have noticed that some lights aren’t your typical (red) LED light and some are in orange, purple, yellow, blue, and many other colors. That is also a type of work that we do!

e hookah pen

Recently, has reached out to us in order to enhance the appeal of their e hookah pens. They are also a business located locally here in New York, and they had this idea about rainbow lights on their e shisha pens. We loved the idea of it, and we have never done anything like it before.

After many meetings and dissecting many electronic hookah pens, we found a way to make this work. We managed to put in a single LED bulb that is the size of half a finger nail into an e hookah pen. We managed to keep the battery life of the hookah pen about the same and the weight also the same!

Who knows what’s next in line for us, Fantasia e hookah perhaps? We have loved those e hookah pens but haven’t worked out a deal with them yet in terms of doing their lighting for them. We know that they have 10 different flavors, all of which already have colorful designs and identities. For example, the Magic Dragon is a pen that we often associate with the colors blue and red. Perhaps we could try something like a dual color changing LED light for these e hookah pens. Everything is up in the air right now, but we will continue to create new projects for ourselves.

rainbow led light

Anyway, if you would like to see our awesome work in person and try an amazing electronic hookah pen that is both delicious and affordable, you can head over to DryHerbVape’s website which you will find at the bottom of this post.


The Thing about Paper Lamps

If you have ever been to Ikea, you will have noticed some of the paper lamps that are being offered there. I’m not going to lie, I’ve owned of those too because I thought they were stylish and attractive.

paper lamp

Let me tell you the experience that I’ve had with my paper lamp. Of course, the entire lamp is not made of paper. It is usually a road in the middle sitting on top of a stand with several light bulbs. The paper cover then goes over these bulbs and rod making it look like a giant glowing lantern. I guess because it looks like a giant glowing lantern which is what makes it seem so cool.

Firstly, any lamp that requires more than ONE bulb (especially non-LED ones) are going to cost you in electricity. You have to look at the wattage of the lamp and the bulbs prior to purchasing. Although most people wouldn’t bother while looking at single bulb lamps, when you’re purchasing a multiple-bulb lamp, such as the one I had, that is something you should consider.

The lamp itself worked great and even the bulbs I had installed never stopped working for as long as I’ve had the lamp. There was also a small switch for me to change the brightness of the lighting which is a great feature for any lamp.

What I didn’t like was the paper. The paper is not a fabric, so accidentally walking into it or almost anything you do will end up putting holes in the paper, making it a hideous ripped up lantern. That has happened to me… and much worse. I have also spilled things near it, the splash would go onto the paper and you cannot clean it off. Even if you do not spill anything on it, trust me, that off-white paper will eventually become clearly yellow.

Would I recommend it? Not unless you expect to replace it soon!

Lamps for the Bedroom

I remember a time where lamps were in every bedroom, but that time has changed in today’s world. At the same time, people are beginning to spend more time in their bedrooms as they did before. Super-thin flat screen TVs are flat enough to fit in most spaces and most people have brought TVs in their bedrooms in more recent years. Figuring our the perfect lighting setup can be difficult for most.

So is this the major return for the bedroom lamps? Yes, we think so and here are some recommendations for what you can put into your bedroom.

table lamp

  1. The traditional table lamp. These come in many forms, some of which are shaped like balls, some like vases, and some are pretty modern like the one shown above. We prefer these type of lamps in contemporary times because it saves space. Let’s face it, what we have on our night stands have changed over the years. Now we find that we have books, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and all these other gadgets where it used to only be an alarm clock.

The reason why you would need this lamp is that the lighting in most bedrooms are often not adjustable. Secondly, unless you have a remote control for your room lights, it can be inconvenient to get up to shut off or turn on the lights. Having a lamp right next to you that can easily be switched on/off is something that is very convenient. Although most e-readers and tablets usually have screens that light up and can be seen in the dark, that doesn’t mean you should stare at the e-reader in the pitch black. You should have some fluorescent background lighting to balance it out. You will find this a lot more comforting on your eyes.


2. The standing lamp. These are great mostly because they don’t require a night stand for you to put on top of and can sometimes save you some table space. These lamps can be placed in the corner of the room, next to a dresser, chair, and really almost anywhere.

If you are getting one of these lamps, because they are higher up, you will notice a lot more light illuminating from it. You should be sure to look for one with adjustable brightness settings. That will ensure that you will have the perfect ambiance for the perfect moment.

Update to the TM Landscaping Site

string lights

After being in business for 20 years, I could remember our first website. It was a static page with nothing but a few words on it and some pictures. We had a colorful background and the page didn’t do much aside from show our store hours, phone number, and featured a few products.

Over the years, we have went through several upgrades to both our systems and our website. We have been able to utilize this website and showcase many of our most proud work and new products that come in. A website is an addition to our showroom, although as time passed, most people had referred to our online website rather than coming in physically to our showroom. Of course, our website does also lead a lot of people into our showroom.

This is the 4th major update to our website. We have also lost all our old content in the process, which can also be a great thing. Expect brand new images, and a drip-feed of old videos. We also had a great database of DIYs and guides. Those were getting a little old anyway, so this is an opportunity for us to renew that and bring you the same content in a more visual and more readable form!

Lighting is not only our business, but it has been our passion for 20 years. You might think that we know everything there is to know about lighting, but we are still learning every day. We are also experimenting with different lights, improving them, different ways of setting them up, and a lot more.

We are encouraging all our readers to chime in and show their work, information, guides, DIY projects and whatever that is share-worthy on our site. We would of course, encourage you to only share what is related to lighting or landscape lighting.

Thank you for reading our first NEW blog post.